The Makings of a New Conservative Majority with Newt Gingrich


Charlie welcomes Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, back to the show to discuss the Georgia primaries and the GOP’s expanding brand with black and Hispanic voters. Gingrich breaks down the changing tides electorally, including conservatives’ improved candidate recruitment, that Newt predicts could amount to a new Republican coalition he likens to the Reagan majority in the 80s which resulted in sweeping landslides for Republicans. Next, Charlie breaks down the unique characteristics of the Georgia electorate and goes inside baseball on how that state’s political establishment really functions and creates a challenging uphill battle for disruptor candidates. Next, Charlie offers his take on the Taiwan China conflict and Joe Biden’s controversial comments where he confirmed America would react to a Chinese invasion of Taiwan militarily—only to force his White House aides to walk back the comment repeatedly in the aftermath. Lastly, Charlie breaks down the latest poll detailing Biden’s collapsing approval numbers. Question: Do you think Joe Biden’s poll numbers have gone up or down since the Roe leak? 

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