What's Really Causing SARS-CoV-2 with Dr. Judy Mikovitz


Charlie sits down with perhaps the most “cancelled” and controversial doctor of a generation, Dr. Judy Mikovitz. At one point considered among the most accomplished and innovative scientists in the world for her work on the HIV/AIDS epidemic, Mikovitz published an explosive study in the Journal of Science in the early 90s claiming that the use of highly toxic animal and human fetal tissues in certain medicines and vaccines were having devastating effects on human populations giving rise to certain cancers and autism in children, especially among minority communities. This report started her on a decades-long journey of being criminally targeted, excommunicated from the medical and scientific communities, and silenced in professional and social circles. In an interview you need to hear for yourself and come to your own conclusions on, Dr. Mikovitz alleges conspiracy, vast corruption within the medical establishment, along with some explosive explanations for the disease known as COVID. 

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