How Republicans Can Avoid Midterm Misery and Save the Red Wave


With just 99 days to go before the November 8th Midterm Elections, Charlie raises a red flag for the sake of preserving the Red Wave. As he points out throughout the episode, the generic ballot is tightening and all available polling is suggesting that Democrats are making adjustments to avoid what was once considered to be a guaranteed blowout. As part of the diagnosis to our Republican woes, Charlie goes off on insane, insulting, consultant-class-written emails that demand “URGENT ATTENTION” to secure a “TRIPLE 700% MATCH,” and reads off scores of emails from listeners who sent them in to [email protected] agreeing with Charlie’s diagnosis. He then compares midterm messaging between Democrats and Republicans, covers a seismic shift in the Hispanic Electorate, and offers his advice on how we can salvage this race and save the republic in the next 99 days. 

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