How to Win America’s Cold Civil War


On this episode of The Charlie Kirk Show, Charlie is joined by a favorite guest of his—Thomas Klingenstein, author, and Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Claremont Institute, to discuss how evolving trends in our nations’ political perspectives have led us to a chilling level of animosity in the once united states of America. He explains the importance of not only being equipped to fight, but more broadly the need to know we’re in the fight in the first place. Thus it naturally follows, Charlie and Tom talk about the damaging impact of Libertarianism and our movement’s derelict embrace of ‘Classical Liberalism.’ He also gives his thoughts on the idea of Trump 2024 and so much more. This is an episode full of deep thought— and some would even call it “very based,” so be sure to subscribe to The Charlie Kirk Show so you never miss an exciting episode like this. 

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