Dem's Internal Polling Collapses + Why Brian Kemp Needs to Go with David Perdue


Charlie breaks down new internal polling from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) that reveals Congressional Democrats are trailing Republicans on the generic ballot in battleground districts by 8 points. What are the details and what does this mean for once solidly blue districts and for the congressional races coming in November? Also, who is more hurtful and more helpful to Democrat prospects in the midterms? Kamala or Biden? Next, Charlie has a good laugh at a former president’s expense who either said something he didn’t mean or something he didn’t mean to say. Finally, Charlie interviews for Georgia Senator David Perdue who is the midst of a tough primary election against incumbent Governor Brian Kemp for control of the Peach State. Sen. Perdue lays out his case for why he should never have been running in this race to begin with, and why he is the candidate to take on Stacy Abrams in the coming general election. Visit to get behind his important campaign to unseat the weak Brian Kemp. 

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