FDA Advisory Committee Revelations and Explosive Vaccine Injury Data—Thought Crimes with Steve Kirsch and James Roguski


Charlie sits down with independent journalist and bodily autonomy activist, James Roguski, who outlines the current status of childhood vaccines, which are currently approved under emergency use authorization but not FDA approved. Did you know that the CARES act gives a 20% bonus for COVID patients? James breaks down the FDA Advisory Committee meetings last week and delivers some critical updates that all Americans need to know. Has the FDA become a marketing team for Moderna and Pfizer? After a brief aside on the rise of Texas’ GOP (where Charlie explains why he believes Texas conservatives are becoming more responsive to the grassroots of the party) Charlie welcomes back to the show serial entrepreneur, inventor of the optical mouse, and COVID vaccine skeptic, Steve Kirsch. Kirsch has been conducting a scientific survey of his own inviting the public to report back on their experience with both COVID and the vaccine. The results, if proven true, are explosive. Kirsch breaks down his initial findings right here on The Charlie Kirk Show where Charlie doesn’t take a position, but he asks critical questions and allows his guests to speak and present their case uncensored and uninterrupted. 

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