Where Did All the Workers Go?


Charlie kicks off the show with CNN’s Brian Stelter’s interview of former New York Times columnist, Bari Weiss, and gets absolutely humiliated on his own show. Charlie explains why moderates, liberals, and conservatives should use this exchange as a template for challenging leftists. Next, Charlie moves onto the supply chain crisis as the WSJ asks a provocative question: Where did all the workers go? Charlie breaks down the latest developments on Biden’s latest domestic disaster, and plays the tape on paternity-leave- Sec. Pete’s unbelievable take on the root causes of the crisis. Finally activist investor billionaire, Carl Icahn, warns the market over the long run will certainly ‘hit the wall’ because of the Democrats unrelenting money printing and inflationary policies. 

Don’t miss the Hillsdale Highlights at the end of this episode outlining How Identity Politics Destroys Equality taken from the Hillsdale course: Civil Rights in American History. Visit CharlieForHillsdale.com to take this class for free. 



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