Moderna Shots for Kids, SADS, Monkeypox and MORE with Dr. Ryan Cole


On The Charlie Kirk Show, despite all the cultural chaos being imposed on our society, we refuse to take our eye off the ball when it comes to COVID-19, Vaccine Side Effects, and the Biomedical Fascist Regime of Tony Fauci. To that end—we invited Dr. Ryan Cole, a Board Certified Pathologist with The Unity Project, to give an update on the FDA’s authorization of COVID Shots for kids, SADS, Monkeypox and what it means for all of us here in America. Next on this episode, Tine Descovich, the Co-Founder of ‘Moms For Liberty,’ joins Charlie to discuss how the Biden Regime is deploying the militarized police state against their efforts to protect our children by weaponizing The Patriot Act in an effort to surveil and silence their dissenting voices. It’s a shocking, terrifying, and important story you’ll want to stick around all the way to the end of this episode to hear. 

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