A Modern Church and Pike Committee with Jim Jordan and Russ Vought


Charlie sits down with Congressman Jim Jordan for an update on the 14 FBI whistleblowers who have come forward to sound the alarm on the woke, anti-American edicts being handed down at the FBI and the DOJ. Charlie and Rep. Jordan discuss one of the newest bombshells, revealing how agents are being taken off child sex crimes cases and being placed instead on Domestic Violent Extremism cases, even though it’s been reported that there is a supply and demand problem at the bureau for these types of crimes. Is a Jordan/Hawley Committee. Next, Charlie speaks with Russ Vought from the Center for Renewing America, and one of the key operative working behind the scenes architecting the future infrastructure that will support the next Republican president. Russ and his team are targeting the ballooning IRS army of agents scandal and the ZuckBucks that flooded the 2020 elections. Charlie and Russ also discuss how Vought, then Director of the OMB insight the Trump White House, discovered and architected Schedule F, a way that Trump can quite literally “drain the swamp” should he be elected to the Oval again. 

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