The Most In-Depth Takedown of Critical Race Theory You'll Hear Today with James Lindsay—Part One


LIVE from the TPUSA Student Action Summit main stage, Charlie is joined by author, professor, self-proclaimed ‘Liberal Atheist,’ and all-around expert on Critical Race Theory—Dr. James Lindsay, author of ‘Cynical Theories,’ to unpack the roots of CRT and walk the audience in Tampa Bay, Florida through why it is such a vile, disgusting, and dangerous way of thinking. James and Charlie go in-depth into how CRT has infected every facet of American public education, and why—if we don’t all rise up and do something to stop it—then eventually 2+2 could end up equalling 5 instead of 4, and if you dare disagree with the doctrine of CRT, you’re nothing more than a bigot…seriously.

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