Hunter Biden: Indicted Soon? In-Depth with Kash Patel


On a busy news day between launching his new book, “The College Scam,” which you can pick up at where all proceeds go to benefiting Turning Point USA, and reacting to a another wrinkle in the saga of Whoopi Goldberg and The View, Charlie takes a break to receive an Insider’s Update on the potential of Hunter Biden getting indicted, courtesy of the great Kash Patel. Next, he gives a disgusting and shocking update on the spread of Monkeypox in America and what it means for the nation—are we officially becoming the “Gayest Place on Earth?” He unpacks all of that before being joined by Harmeet Dhillon for an update on the Political Process inside the RNC, the potential criminal indictments of both Donald Trump and Hunter Biden, and finally—she gives her take on Whoopi’s non-apology and the Sue The View saga Charlie and Turning Point are embroiled in. 

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