Dethroning Two American Political Dynasties


On a consequential day of primaries, the last vestiges of two multi-generational American dynasties are facing an imminent demise at the hands of fed-up Republican Voters—Liz Cheney in Wyoming and Lisa Murkowski in Alaska. Ahead of the vote, Charlie unpacks the state of those two races as well as the contest to become Pennsylvania’s next governor. First, Charlie welcomes RAV News National Correspondent Ben Bergquam live from Wyoming where voters are showing up in droves to take back the power in Wyoming and clean up the mess Dick Cheney started many decades ago. Next, Charlie is joined by America-First Gubernatorial Candidate Doug Mastriano from Pennsylvania, who has been outspent 16 to 1 and is being excommunicated by the Republican establishment in his own state, to discuss the state of his uphill battle against a radical Democrat in the Keystone State. And to close out the show, Kelly Tshibaka—the Trump-Endorsed Candidate for US Senate from Alaska comes on to explain the most confusing electoral system in America and why she must come out on top if we want to truly flip the balance of the Senate and derail the Democrats’ radical agenda.

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