Exposing the True Meaning of Juneteenth with Pedro Gonzalez


On this observed federal holiday commemorating the effective end of slavery in America, known officially as ‘Juneteenth,’ Charlie dives in to the history behind the holiday and, more importantly, the political motivation behind its observance—and it’s not as innocent as you may think. Can a nation survive while celebrating two Independence Days? That is the underlying question and Charlie walks through why the observance of this BLM Holiday undermines and bastardizes the founding of our nation, and the one true Independence Day in America, July 4th 1776. He’s joined by Pedro Gonzalez of Chronicles Magazine to help unpack this and their conversation is very revealing as to the current state of our national disunity—something sinisterly undergirded by the Cultural Marxists who own the modern Democrat Party and facilitated by the acquiescing conservative “leaders” who represent the Republican Party in Washington DC. 

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