Rittenhouse Verdict Watch—Everything You Need to Know with Jack Posobiec


Charlie is joined Human Events’ reporter Jack Posobiec and host of Human Events Daily with TPUSA LIVE who has been all over the Rittenhouse trial and has sources inside the courthouse in Wisconsin. Charlie plays back some of the key moments from the Defense’s closing arguments as the two of them react to the most explosive and shocking moments. Do you really lose the right to defend yourself when you bring the gun? Did Binger really point a gun at the jury? When can we expect a verdict? What is the risk of Kyle being found guilty of some of the lesser charges? Finally, Charlie and Jack discuss the indictment of Steve Bannon. Was there collusion between the Biden White House and his DOJ? What is Bannon’s next move? Also, Jack has a very explosive scoop out of San Francisco regarding the future of Kamala Harris that could reshape the American political landscape over the next two years…so listen all the way to the end.

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