My Conversation with Inventor of mRNA Vaccines, Dr. Robert Malone


Charlie sits down with perhaps the single most qualified individual in the world when it comes to mRNA vaccine technology, Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the core technology upon which the mRNA COVID vaccines are built, and he’s “pissed” about how big Pharma is using the technology he invented. Dr. Malone discusses how the pharmaceutical industry, in partnership with the federal government, big tech, and the legacy media, have colluded cut corners, propagandize, and censor Americans who disagree with them in order to snuff out dissent and establish a mass inoculation regime the likes of which America has never seen before. In a world of group think, cowardice, and yes men, Dr. Malone is willing to cut against the grain and call out power, corruption, and poor science in order to get to the truth. This is a can’t miss episode with one of the legends of bio-tech and perhaps the one man who can shed light on what exactly is happening with the vaccine. 

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