Over 600,000 Illegal Immigrants with Criminal Records Present in US, DHS Data Reveals

Over 600,000 Illegal Immigrants with Criminal Records Present in US, DHS Data Reveals

In a recent hearing chaired by House National Security Subcommittee Chairman Rep. Glenn Grothman, alarming statistics surfaced, unveiling that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is “currently aware of over 600,000 illegal immigrants” with criminal backgrounds residing in the United States.

Rep. Grothman emphasized the severity of the situation, highlighting that among the “over 6 million illegal immigrants” allowed into the country since President Biden’s election, a staggering 617,000 individuals carry either criminal convictions or pending charges. He underscored the inherent danger posed by such individuals, noting that data from the Department of Public Safety indicates they are “more likely to be convicted of homicide, sexual assault, and kidnapping than the average Texan.”

Offering solutions, Grothman stressed the imperative of securing the border, halting the mass release of illegal immigrants into the country, and enforcing laws by promptly turning over offenders to ICE for removal, The Post Millennial reports.

“The solutions aren’t hard,” he said. “Secure the border, stop releasing illegal aliens into the country in droves, and when an illegal alien commits a crime in the community, turn them over to ICE, enforce the law, and remove them. It’s just that simple.”

Joining the discussion, Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn expressed widespread concern among law enforcement officials regarding the border crisis’s impact on communities nationwide. He particularly highlighted the escalating drug crisis in Texas, attributing it to the influx of illegal immigrants and the operations of cartels, which have made illegal substances more accessible and affordable.

Sheriff Waybourn went further, suggesting a coordinated effort by entities like China, Mexican cartels, and Venezuela to “weaponize” fentanyl, posing a grave threat to American lives. He disclosed that Tarrant County currently detains 264 illegal immigrants from diverse backgrounds, accused of committing violent offenses including murder, assault, sexual assault, and child pornography.


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