NYC Mayor Adams Says City Residents Can't Do Anything About Migrants Sleeping on Streets

NYC Mayor Adams Says City Residents Can't Do Anything About Migrants Sleeping on Streets

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has issued a stark warning to residents, emphasizing that they have no recourse to prevent migrants from sleeping on the streets as the city contends with an increasingly uncontrollable crisis.

Despite implementing budget cuts across various departments due to the surging costs associated with the migrant situation, Adams underscored that the visible manifestations of the crisis would become more conspicuous in the coming days.

He disclosed that over 140,000 migrants have entered the city since last year, with thousands continuing to arrive each week, and the influx shows no signs of abating.

Adams acknowledged a peculiar aspect of the situation, revealing that some migrants and asylum seekers actively express a preference to sleep on the streets.

He asserted that, due to city council actions, individuals have the right to do so, and the city is unable to intervene in this regard. Discussing the approach to handling the crisis, Adams stressed the necessity for daily strategic adjustments to manage the continuous flow of migrants and asylum seekers, emphasizing that “nothing is off the table” in terms of potential responses.

While initially anticipating a decline in migrant numbers, Adams noted an unexpected increase, reaching up to 4,000 in some weeks.

This underscores the persistent severity of the crisis, leading to budget cuts across various government agencies. These cuts include a freeze on hiring within the New York Police Department, substantial reductions in education and sanitation, and other austerity measures.

In assigning blame for the crisis, Adams squarely pointed to Washington, D.C., accusing it of abandoning New York City in the face of this national problem.

He emphasized the urgent need for the federal government to assume the financial burden. Last week, Adams announced these budget cuts, citing the city’s substantial expenditure on addressing the migrant crisis. Frustrated by the situation, he directed public anger toward Washington, stating that the city deserves better.

The ongoing challenges have strained relations between the Democratic mayor and the Biden administration, with Adams calling for increased funding and a comprehensive “decompression strategy” to address the multifaceted challenges posed by the persistent influx of migrants.


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