'Why Isn't Hunter Biden In Jail?' Glenn Beck Blasts 'Red Flag Laws' Following Passage of Senate Gun Bill

'Why Isn't Hunter Biden In Jail?' Glenn Beck Blasts 'Red Flag Laws' Following Passage of Senate Gun Bill

TheBlaze TV’s Glenn Beck blasted GOP senators, Congress, and the Biden administration for hypocrisy following the Senate’s passage of the first major federal gun bill in more than a decade which contains a highly controversial provision regarding so-called “red flag laws.”

The laws empower courts to authorize police to confiscate someone’s firearms who has been deemed a risk to themselves or to others, but without allowing them due process. A unanimous U.S. Supreme Court decision a year ago found that police, under the guise of a red flag law in 2015, unconstitutionally searched for and seized a man’s guns after they were called to perform a welfare check. “Posing as defenders of public safety, red flag laws bypass the Second and Fourth Amendments while simultaneously abolishing due process,” noted one analysis of the decision, Caniglia v. Strom.

Supporting and encouraging more red flag laws, which are currently on the books in 19 states and the District of Columbia, is a major part of the newly passed Senate gun control bill, which Beck found extremely dishonest especially as it applies to the first son, Hunter Biden.

The Blaze explains:

You may have heard that he once “lost” a gun in a dumpster by a school. But there’s a whole lot more to the bizarre tale. Newly revealed texts from Hunter’s abandoned laptop detail the strange drama that unfolded when Hallie Biden, Hunter’s sister-in-law-turned-lover, threw his handgun into a dumpster near a Delaware school in October 2018.

The gun was found and turned in to police, but like so many of the Biden family scandals, the chaos created a sandstorm that conveniently helped cover Hunter’s tracks. Only tidbits of information have emerged, the most significant of which is that the gun in question was purchased by Hunter illegally and, of course, no charges were filed as a result.

“If you voted for Joe Biden and you believe in all of these red-flag laws, then why isn’t Hunter Biden in jail today?” Beck asked during his Thursday program.

“You and I both know that the ramifications of Hunter Biden’s activities and his tragic saga go well beyond Hunter Biden, because they are teaching people a lesson. We are moving towards a society that has a ruling class that lives above their own edicts. They tell us they know better. They tell us that our neighbors and even some of us are dangerous, while ignoring the dangers in their own lives or in their own families,” he went on.

“We saw it during COVID-19 and we will see it again with gun regulations, ‘The rules are for thee and not for me.’ This is why Americans cannot give an inch, not one inch of our liberty away on the grounds of the government’s good faith,” he advised.

“They have no good faith left. They have violated every single principle of liberty and they’ve done it in the name of they know better,” he said.

“Don’t be fooled,” Glenn added. “Just as we saw during COVID-19, just as we saw with the Patriot Act that is now being horribly abused by the people in power that swore they’d never abuse it, red-flags are not about your safety. Period. They are about your submission,” he added.


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