White Students Can’t Be Discriminated Against, Says Wisc. School District

White Students Can’t Be Discriminated Against, Says Wisc. School District

Thanks to white liberal apologists and ‘activists of color,’ racism does not only endure in America in 2022, it has made a startling comeback.

The latest example comes from Wisconsin, where a school district is actually claiming that white students and white people cannot be discriminated against.

More to the point, Superintendent Tanya Fredrich of Elmbrook Schools claimed after an investigation that state and federal non-discrimination laws would not be applicable to white students because they’re not part of a protected class, “according to the response a student’s parents received after they filed a complaint alleging their child was racially discriminated against,” The Daily Caller reported.

Fredrich looked into the complaint, later asserting “that the student is not a member of any class that is legally protected from discrimination by state or federal law” in a Nov. 17 statement that was leaked to the outlet.

Obviously, not everyone agrees with that insane statement.

That includes the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL), which blasted the “outrageous statement” Fredrich issued while taking an “official position … that race discrimination laws do not apply to white students,” according to a letter from President & General Counsel Richard M. Esenberg and Deputy Counsel Daniel P. Lennington, addressed to Elmbrook Schools and its superintendent of Schools, Mark Hansen.

“Not only is this both legally and factually wrong, but it is frankly shocking that a public educational institution could hold such a view,” the legal organization noted further in its letter.

“There is no such thing as a ‘protected class’ in the sense that some races are protected while others are not,” the letter stated. “Black and brown students do not have different rights; they have identical rights to white students and must be treated identically to white students.”

The Daily Caller noted further:

The child in question was suffering from depression and her parents were working with doctors to address her health concerns, the mother who filed the complaint told the DCNF on the condition of anonymity. The parents discovered their daughter was failing, but said they had no idea and administrators would not communicate with them unless they gave the school access to the student’s personal healthcare information and open dialogue with her healthcare professionals.

The student’s mother started going to board meetings and Elmbrook’s Teaching and Learning Committee meetings, which she said seemed to focus entirely on helping low-income and non-white students, often advocating for the use of many of the accommodations that she claimed the district was refusing her daughter.

Elmbrook Schools said there is no evidence that the student’s white race, heterosexual orientation and middle-upper middle-class socioeconomic status were a consideration in any decision it made regarding the student, but the district said it “must be noted” that the student in question is not a member of any class protected by discrimination laws, according to the complaint response.

“To the contrary, the student’s race, sexual orientation and socio-economic status are what are considered to be the majority status and thus do not form a basis for claiming that the student is being treated or has been treated less favorably than persons not in the protected class,” Fredrich’s complaint response noted.

The legal group said that explanation is “patently false” since all Americans are protected by the same Constitution, as well as federal and state non-discrimination statutes, none of which establish a “diminished set of rights for those with ‘majority status’” because all racial groups are “protected ‘classes.’”

“They think there’s something called protected classes, where only certain people are in protected classes and that there’s also a majority class that does not benefit from these protections,” Lennington told the DCNF. “That is not what the law is, that’s what Critical Race Theory teaches, but that’s not what the law is.”

That anyone could seriously hold the view of this public school superintendent in today’s America is shocking.


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