Vance: Americans Are Sick of Funding Ukraine's War With Billions of Taxpayer Dollars

Vance: Americans Are Sick of Funding Ukraine's War With Billions of Taxpayer Dollars

Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio) joined Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Wednesday and pushed back on the Biden White House and a majority of Congress by claiming that most Americans are tired of seeing billions of tax dollars go to fund Ukraine’s war with Russia, especially as the federal government is running a deficit north of $33 billion.

“Senator, I watched this Ukraine stuff. I’m thinking I’m in New York. A city that I love. I used to live here years ago when it was a lot safer,” Ingraham began. “But, you see the deteriorating conditions on the streets here, just walking over to the hotel, you see it.

“And it’s everywhere in urban America, and it’s spilling over in the suburbs, and what [Biden] is most focused on is to make sure come hell or high water Ukraine gets what it needs, come on,” she said.

“Yeah. It’s really ridiculous, Laura. By the way, the American people, especially conservatives, are completely fed up with it. You can go through the list of every single problem the border, the fentanyl problem, the crime problem, the high inflation, all of these things are far more important to the American people as they should be than defending the border of Ukraine,” he said.

“We have to be honest with ourselves about the corruption in that country, but even if it was a perfect country, there are problems here at home that deserve our focus and deserve the attention of the government of this country. What happened last week in both the House and the Senate should serve as a wake-up call to the Ukraine First caucus on Capitol Hill, the American people are over it,” Vance added.

“So there may be some way, Laura, for them to try to shove another $70 or $80 billion in Ukraine funding down the throats of the House and the Senate, they are going to have to fight through me to get it done but more importantly, they are going to have to overcome the frustration of the American people,” the Ohio Republican noted further.

“This is really the fight of the next couple of weeks, the uniparty is really going to drive this Ukraine stuff home, people need to wake up, they need call their congressman, and they need to push back against putting the interest of a country 6,000 miles away ahead of our own,” he said.



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