Vaccinations to Begin in Schools, Including ‘Offering Everything From Money to Amusement-Park Tickets’

Vaccinations to Begin in Schools, Including ‘Offering Everything From Money to Amusement-Park Tickets’

In the fight of parents against vaccine pushers, a new hurdle has arisen. “Major U.S. cities are taking the Covid-19 vaccination effort to schools, offering everything from money to amusement-park tickets to get children vaccinated” reports The Wall Street Journal.

A particular area of concern is how has the system allowed for any scenario in which a child can be vaccinated other than by the parent making the choice and taking the child to get the shot while in their care?

“Starting Monday, younger kids can get vaccinated at public schools in New York City, which is offering incentives such as $100 debit cards, trips to the Statue of Liberty and tickets to sporting events” reports the WSJ.

“Chicago school officials plan to offer $100 rewards to children who are getting their first shots but declined to say when the vaccinations for younger children would begin at schools.”

Dan Domenech, executive director of the School Superintendents Association (AASA) said most superintendents have welcomed the chance for vaccines to be distributed at schools as a way of improving campus safety during the pandemic.

“For any amount of elementary-aged kids to get vaccinated will be a step in the right direction, because it’ll be just an increase in the mitigating factors that we know are successful in preventing the spread,” said Domenech.

Domenech says he expects districts will begin determining whether or not to mandate vaccines for school children in the coming weeks. “A few districts and the state of California had already introduced mandates for vaccine-eligible students after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in May recommended that 12-to-15-year-olds receive Covid-19 vaccines. Some families in California have protested the mandate” writes the WSJ.

Teachers unions have supported the distribution of shots at schools, and theoretically states and local districts have required parental consent for children to get vaccinated; how trustworthy is the process, especially when distributed by people who believe vaccination is a moral obligation to help all of society?

“California said it already has 3,100 school-located clinics for vaccines, with another 800 set to distribute the vaccine in November and December. The state’s largest district, in Los Angeles, said mobile vaccination teams will offer the shots to students, aged 5 to 11, starting Monday. Thirteen school-based clinics will offer the vaccine to kids starting a week later, district officials said.”


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