Unions Fight Biden's Vaccine Mandate Across Country as Workers Quit

Unions Fight Biden's Vaccine Mandate Across Country as Workers Quit

Unions are fighting back against President Biden’s recent declaration that any businesses with over 100 employees make vaccination against COVID-19 a requirement, or face weekly testing. This is in addition to mandating shots for federal employees, contractors and health-care workers. Unions and associations for the U.S. Postal Service, hospitals, nursing homes, police, firefighters and more have come out publicly battling Biden’s mandate.

A Washington Post-ABC News poll conducted between August 29 and September 1 sampled 1,006 randomly selected adults, and showed an overwhelming percentage of unvaccinated Americans said they would quit their job over a vaccine mandate.

Unvaccinated workers whose employers have not yet imposed a vaccine mandate were asked what they would likely do if getting vaccinated was required  in order to go into the workplace. “The poll found 16 percent of unvaccinated workers would get the shot, 35 percent would ask for a medical or religious exemption, and 42 percent would quit their job” Health Leaders Media explains of the poll.

“When asked what they would do if they weren’t given an exemption to opt out of the requirement, 18 percent of those surveyed said they would comply and 72 percent said they would quit.” The poll was conducted prior to Biden’s September 9th sweeping mandates, and appears to have predicted appropriately.

National Review gathered dozens of cases from around the country, such as the New York hospital that was forced to put a halt on delivering babies as six employees resigned and seven more refused to get vaccinated.

“The Michigan Nurses Association remains opposed to mandates, saying they will drive vaccine-hesitant nurses to quit rather than submit to inoculation. The union contends such decisions are ‘best decided democratically by health care workers themselves and need to be subject to collective bargaining” they stated.

A branch of the International Association of Fire Fighters in Washington State told Governor Jay Inslee “We are against mandatory vaccinations that strip away our members’ right to choose and would also lead to them to be terminated from a career they have worked hard for and served selflessly to our communities, even during this pandemic.”

Newark police and fire unions across New Jersey protested against the vaccine mandate outside city hall. Portland, Oregon’s local police union got its members exempted from the city’s vaccination mandate and a group of both police and firefighter unions are suing Governor Kate Brown to block the state’s vaccine mandate.



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