'Undercover Mothers' Group Out to Expose Left-Wing Indoctrination In Private Schools

'Undercover Mothers' Group Out to Expose Left-Wing Indoctrination In Private Schools

The left has quietly advanced its America-hating agenda in the nation’s primary and private schools for decades, but after going too far in pushing racially divisive, sexually inappropriate content and curriculum in recent years, they are finally getting some major pushback from American parents concerned about the incessant indoctrination of their children.

Now, a growing group of mothers from around the country and across the political spectrum have set up a covert network that is dedicated to exposing and combating critical race theory pedagogy in private schools that have been accredited by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). In short, according to one mother, the group seeks to destroy “the head of the snake,” according to a Breitbart News exclusive report.

The outlet reports:

The central goal of the group is to expose and put a stop to political indoctrination in their children’s schools, declining academic standards, and opaque school governance and financial management — which they believe stems from NAIS.

The moms are of a variety of political leanings — some of whom told Breitbart News they have “maxed out” political donations to former President Obama and to Hillary Clinton — and do not have a collective political ideology. Their only stance is opposition to political indoctrination of any kind in school. 

In interviews with Breitbart News, the “Undercover Mothers” laid out what they say is an effort at “elite capture” of private school kids by Marxist ideologues, hoping to control the worldview of those likely to be influential when they grow up.

One explained: “1.2 percent of the nation’s schools are NAIS private schools, but a third of Biden’s cabinet went to these schools … once you’ve got the elite organizations, that changes the entire makeup of the country.” 

The mothers spoke on the condition of anonymity because they don’t want their children to experience retribution. Also, they note that “NAIS member private schools across America are including provisions in enrollment contracts prohibiting them from ‘[voicing] strong disagreement’ with school policy or curricula, under threat of expulsion,” Breitbart reported.

The outlet reported further that it had reviewed “multiple similar contracts…from schools in various states in reporting this story.”

Several mothers who spoke to the outlet have already been removed from involvement in various private schools. Another mother said she removed her children before they faced expulsion just for voicing concerns about the propaganda garbage being ‘taught.’

Breitbart added:

The “Undercover Mothers” group was formed after former New York City private high school math teacher Paul Rossi published an open letter blowing the whistle on the rampant indoctrination in America’s schools via critical theory. The group has grown to about one hundred participants across the country, since it formed in the spring of 2021.

“We came together as a part of what really began with Paul Rossi and his letter. Many of us saw his letter, which included his email address, many of us emailed him, he connected a few of us and here we are,” a mother told Breitbart News.

“We started talking, and talking about our experiences and why we were moved by Paul’s letter, and it turned out that most of us had had almost identical experiences in different schools … in different regions all around the country, north, south, east, west, Midwest, Pacific Northwest, everywhere. And that became kind of an alarming realization,” the mother continued.

Researching what was going on was “eye-opening,” another mother said.

“It was very eye-opening, that the same exact things were happening, and not just the same books and the same lessons, but also the same kind of school structures that hadn’t been that way in decades past,” she said.

“How they function and how they are administrated is no longer … individual [to each school]. They’re all very, very similar. And in fact, some of them use identical language … and that is very fishy. And then once we did our research, we realized that it’s because it’s coming from these centralized sources with NAIS acting as a cartel,” she added.

When the mothers investigated what factors are considered in accreditation, they found “two-thirds of it was focused on social justice, diversity, equity, inclusion, and nothing about it was focused on actually educating the kids.” 

The point about how many of our country’s left-wing leaders went to these elitist schools should be a point well-taken. If this and other efforts are successful, Americans may finally begin to change the trajectory of Marxist madness in our primary education system.


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