Democrat Hack Says It's 'Un-American' to Blame Biden for Gas Prices

Democrat Hack Says It's 'Un-American' to Blame Biden for Gas Prices

Democratic House Representative Kim Schrier of Washington State laid the blame of rising gas costs not at the foot of the Biden Administration, but of Russia and Vladimir Putin, saying that any insinuation otherwise is “frankly, un-American.”

“On the topic of energy independence, depending on what pundits you turn on today, you are going to hear some blaming President Biden for how steep gas prices have become. You’re going to hear some who say the president has no bearing on gas prices. What do you believe,” [un]Divided host Brandi Kruse asked Schrier.

“I believe a couple of things. Right now, in the last two weeks, this is Putin,” responded Schrier.

“You should be blaming Putin, if anybody, for this, and to not blame Putin, first of all, is denying reality, and second, frankly, I think is un-American,” she continued. “So, this is Putin’s fault.”

“Before this, because people were already suffering at the gas pump. Before this, right, we saw an increase of over $1 a gallon over the past year and a half or so. That can be blamed realistically on during the pandemic when people were not going to work and driving was down, gas prices were down. As demand increased and rigs had not yet been turned on, there was a supply/demand issue like with everything else in this country, and that was to blame,” she said.

This lines up with the Biden talking point that it simply “is not true,” calling the increases in gas prices “Putin’s price hike.”

Gas prices are currently at their highest ever. Data from Gas Buddy showed that gas prices and price per gallon increased late in 2020 from a low of $2.01, and steadily increased, with increases at $1 per gallon during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


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