U.S. Border Agents to Biden: ‘Too Bad’ Focus on ‘Border Security’ is ‘In Another Country’

U.S. Border Agents to Biden: ‘Too Bad’ Focus on ‘Border Security’ is ‘In Another Country’

On Wednesday the U.S. Embassy in Dushanbe announced the launch of a new project to help the border of Tajikistan and Afghanistan, leaving those in charge of the U.S. border fuming. President Biden irresponsibly withdrew from Afghanistan not just leaving, but actually creating a humanitarian crisis.

As some reprieve, the administration is now attempting to help secure its border, even though at least hundreds of Americans and allies are stuck inside the country now under Taliban control.

One senior border official told Fox News, “with the record setting pace of nearly a million encounters so far at the southern border, it’s heartening to see the Biden administration finally getting serious about border security. It’s just too bad it’s in another country.”

Essentially, Biden’s priorities remain misplaced. The Afghan border efforts announced by the embassy will “construct facilities for a Border Service detachment along the Tajik-Afghan-Uzbek border, which will allow Tajikistan’s border troops to deploy more quickly in response to threats in the region” reports Fox News.

Three sources spoke to Fox News on condition of anonymity to avoid retribution. “This is a slap in the face to us” one agent said. “Biden’s already destroyed Afghanistan so the borders don’t need to be open.”

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced in mid-August that July experienced a 13% increase over June. 212,672 migrants were encountered in July, compared to 188,000 in June. Comparatively, just 40,929 encounters occurred in July of 2020.


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