Tyrant Trudeau's Deputy PM Plans to Make Her Emergency Powers Permanent

Tyrant Trudeau's Deputy PM Plans to Make Her Emergency Powers Permanent

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said during a press conference that the Canadian government will be fighting tooth and nail to ensure that aspects of the emergency powers that they invoked through the never-before-used Emergencies Act become permanent, with a focus on cracking down on crowdfunders such as GoFundMe and GiveSendGo.

The crowdfunding sites were two avenues of funding that never made it to freedom convoy protestors in Ottawa. The government of Canada invoked the Emergencies Act last week, allowing police forces to clear out the protests that gridlocked the city’s core for three weeks.

Last week, Freeland said:

“In terms of the financial instruments which our government is using right now to act against these illegal blockades and illegal occupation, we review very carefully the tools at the disposal of the federal government… We determined that we needed some additional tools.”

Some of those tools we will be putting forward to put those tools permanently in place,” she said, to “expand to crowdsourcing platforms and their payment providers.

“That is something that we need to do… Some of these other tools like the sharing of information between law enforcement and financial services and the requirement of financial services to be reviewing their accounts proactively and immunity from prosecution, are extraordinary that we believe are necessary in the current circumstances.

Freeland said that other tools, such as suspending insurance of trucks that participate in trucking, were also having “clear impact.”

On Monday, Freeland updated Canadians, saying that bank accounts have been frozen of those who participated, and openly taunted those who have had accounts suspended.

“The RCMP has given to the financial institution’s names of leaders and organizers of the protest and of people whose trucks were part of occupations and blockades. that is the only information, according to the RCMP, that the RCMP has given to financial institutions,” she said.

“These measures applied only as of the 15 of February. That is when financial support of these illegal blockades began to be sanctioned.

“For anyone who is concerned that their accounts may of been frozen because of their participation in these illegal blockades and occupation, the way to get your account unfrozen is to stop being part of the blockade and occupation.

“These measures were put in place to disrupt illegal activity in Canada,” she said.


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