Turning Point USA Launches TPUSA Live, 3 Hour Streaming Media Platform for Young Conservatives

Turning Point USA Launches TPUSA Live, 3 Hour Streaming Media Platform for Young Conservatives

A new media platform from the non-profit Turning Point USA, TPUSA Live, is the perfect outlet geared towards the younger generation of American conservatives to discuss all things policy, news, cancel culture, big tech and more.

The three hour live stream broadcast launched this week and runs Monday through Friday from 5pm-8pm Eastern Standard. “It is designed to provide unfiltered opinions and reaction in video, audio and newsfeed format” reports Newsweek.

TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk told Newsweek of the new outlet, “if we are going to win young people to our ideas, if we are going to fight the cancel culture, we have to create our own platforms and content destinations.”

TPUSA LIVE is “a very serious and very ambitious project to do just that” added Kirk. The three hour show highlights popular young conservatives and TPUSA contributors alongside founder Kirk, including political columnist Benny Johnson, former Navy intelligence officer Jack Posobiec, comedian Alex Clark and more conservative heavy hitters.

Although covering hot topics of the day for three hours, the show “isn’t all serious news and doom and gloom” says Kirk. “Our hosts and contributors have a great time, there’s lots of laughs and lots of substantive content at the same time.”

TPUSA spokesperson Andrew Kolvet said 2 million views and podcast listens occurred during its first week, signaling long term success for the platform. “It’s a tremendous early sign of success that not only proves there’s a desire for this type of content but also proves that top conservative talent are flocking to new platforms where they can get their voice heard” added Kolvet.

Newsweek reports of the show, “each broadcast includes daily and weekly shows as well as live in-studio content featuring prominent conservative personalities discussing politics, sports and pop culture. A third hour includes the platform’s contributors tackling the latest news on college campuses from students at TPUSA university chapters across the country.”

Many of the contributing talent such as Posobiec, have already achieved a substantial name recognition and following among conservative personalities. Posobiec’s daily video show for the conservative news site Human Events and Turning Point USA has reached number one on Apple’s podcast charts.

Donald Trump Jr. has already publicly supported TPUSA Live, tweeting the Newsweek article with the caption, “More of this please!!!” accompanying the article’s title, “Conservatives Address Cancel Culture with New Media Platforms Targeting Younger Americans.”


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