Trump: Our Country Is Under Invasion

Trump: Our Country Is Under Invasion

President Donald Trump released a video on Wednesday where he explained that the immigration crisis facing the US was the fault of the Biden administration.

“Far more illegal immigrants have entered the United States in the last two years than at any time in American history,” Trump said, “and by a massive margin.”

“We’ve never seen anything like it. Our country is under invasion.” Trump said, while describing the massive flood of illegal aliens that are coming in every day.

“Any form of amnesty now would be a catastrophe,” he said, while claiming that the Biden administration “protect migrants and promote safe, orderly, and humane migration globally.”

“Our border is open, because Joe Biden has ordered it to be open,” Trump says. “He has shredded our system and he’s destroying our country.”

“Biden inherited a flawless deportation system that was working like never before in our history,” he added.

The border was far more secure under President Trump than under President Biden, with fewer border crossings happening than in the previous two decades. President Greg Abbott said in September that “All Biden has to do is replicate what Trump did, and that would lead to a reduction in border crossings.”

“Giving Biden more resources will simply translate to even more releases,” Trump argues. “Because that’s really what they have in mind. This has nothing to do with asylum. Everyone knows this is a pretext, and this is a fraud.”

“Anyone who pretends otherwise plays into the hands of Biden and the criminal cartels,” he adds. “This is about Biden’s lawless and criminal misconduct.”

“The most important reform needed right now is a total ban on Biden using taxpayer dollars to free illegal aliens and criminal penalties for administrative non compliance which happens every single minute of every single day.”


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