Trump Lawyer Habba Taunts NY AG James After Massive Fine Reduction

Trump Lawyer Habba Taunts NY AG James After Massive Fine Reduction

Trump attorney and spokeswoman Alina Habba taunted New York Attorney General Letitia James after an appeals court on Monday cut her client’s $454 million civil fraud penalty by more than half to $175 million and gave him an additional ten days to pay it.

“I hope she took a little piece of humble pie today because that’s what was served to her, just a little, but we’ll be serving a lot more of that in the next couple of years,” she said about the New York attorney general.

When Watters asked if James and Judge Engoron felt a little bit “ashamed” and “embarrassed,” Habba jokingly suggested that they would require them to have a “moral compass” and a “conscious.”

James released a statement on the ruling, saying that the lowered bond does not undo the ruling that Trump is liable for fraud.

“Donald Trump is still facing accountability for his staggering fraud,” the statement read. “The court has already found that he engaged in years of fraud to falsely inflate his net worth and unjustly enrich himself, his family, and his organization. The $464 million judgment—plus interest—against Donald Trump and the other defendants still stands.”

“The ruling by a five-judge panel of appellate court judges was a crucial and unexpected victory for the former president, potentially staving off a looming financial disaster. Had the court denied his request — and had he failed to obtain the full bond — Mr. Trump risked of losing control over his bank accounts and, eventually, even some of his marquee properties,” the New York Times reported.

The outlet added, “Mr. Trump has 10 days to secure the bond, and two people with knowledge of his finances said he should be able to do so by then.”

Last week, Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, stated that Democratic Attorney General Letitia James of New York was “not likely” to seize any of the properties former President Donald Trump owned.


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