Trump Gets Fantastic News, Takes Commanding Lead In Swing States

Trump Gets Fantastic News, Takes Commanding Lead In Swing States

Former President Donald Trump got more fantastic news as he continues to increase his lead on President Joe Biden.

And the states where the former president is increasing his lead should be extremely concerning for Biden.

Voters in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin were polled by Bloomberg/Morning Consult, and their results showed that Trump was ahead of Biden by 4 percentage points due to widespread disapproval of the vice president’s handling of the economy.

Trump has a 5-point lead over Biden in Georgia, a 4-point lead over Biden in Arizona, a 2-point lead in Wisconsin, a 1-point lead in Wisconsin, and a 1-point lead in Pennsylvania. According to the survey, Biden is ahead of Trump by three points in Nevada, and the two candidates are neck and neck in Michigan.

In the seven swing states, 49% of voters said Bidenomics was bad for the economy. This is the term the White House has used to describe Vice President Joe Biden’s economic agenda.

And a month ago, the former president got more fantastic news, and the women on a certain talk show were furious.

The co-hosts of ABC’s “The View” exploded over a new poll showing former President Donald Trump far ahead of President Joe Biden.

The ABC News/Washington Post survey found that Trump was nearly 10 points ahead of Biden, while the current president’s favorability ratings regarding several topics and issues were far underwater.

Alyssa Farah Griffin cited the Post’s own claim that its survey was likely inaccurate — an “outlier” — while going on to say she doesn’t have a lot of faith in polling.

“They were wrong in 2016. They were wrong in 2020, but you can take information on aggregate when a lot of polls show the same thing over a period of time in different voters. [It’s a] one-off that is so far out of step with other polling … an anomaly in the poll,” Griffin said.

While she was skeptical of the Post, she went on to say that she “trusted” her employer’s pollsters, describing them as “phenomenal.”

The former Trump administration official then noted that Biden indeed does have a “reelection problem” and “Democrats need to wake up to it, whether they want to hear it or not.”

Though she claimed to not have a lot of trust in the survey, she nevertheless cited from it, noting that Trump was “doing significantly better than 2020” with “black voters and Hispanic voters.”

“One area where Democrats have been losing in the Trump era is working-class voters. I think in many ways they are seen as too elitist for people who don’t have college educations, and Donald Trump could get those voters,” the former Trump White House communications director said, previewing Biden’s trip to Michigan on Tuesday to walk the picket line and win over striking United Auto Workers union members.

“I don’t want Donald Trump to be president, but Democrats need to wake up,” Griffin concluded.


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