Trump Calls for BANNING Entry to US for Immigrants Who Call for Israel's Destruction

Trump Calls for BANNING Entry to US for Immigrants Who Call for Israel's Destruction

Former President Trump reaffirmed his stringent stance on American immigration policy during the Florida Freedom Summit.

At this event, Trump emphasized that individuals expressing anti-Israel sentiments or sympathy for jihadists would not be granted entry into the United States, Fox News Digital reports.

His remarks stressed a zero-tolerance policy for those harboring disdain for America or Israel, categorically stating, “If you hate America, if you want to abolish Israel, if you sympathize with jihadists, and then you don’t want your country to do well, you’re just not going to get in, you’re not getting in, you’re not coming into our country.”

Not only did Trump vocalize his stern position against individuals unsupportive of America’s key allies, but he also proposed the implementation of robust ideological screening measures for immigrants.

He expressed a renewed intention to restore and enforce travel bans on individuals originating from countries where terrorism is prevalent. “On day one, I will restore the Trump travel on entering from having people that like to blow up our shopping centers and kill our people and do lots of bad things. Entry from plagued countries,” Trump asserted.

This aligns with his prior advocacy for what he termed “extreme vetting” during his 2016 presidential campaign, asserting the necessity for a stringent screening process for all immigrants entering the United States.

Throughout his various political endeavors, Trump consistently advocated the significance of aligning with American values and upholding respect for its people.

He firmly stated, “We should only admit into this country those who share our values and respect our people.”

This renewed emphasis on ideological screening emerges from his continued commitment to fortify the nation’s security measures.

Trump’s recent comments at the Florida event come in the wake of his earlier promise in Iowa to deport immigrants publicly expressing support for Hamas.


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