Trump: Biden Policies Betray Blacks, Union Members, Farmers

Trump: Biden Policies Betray Blacks, Union Members, Farmers

Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday endorsed a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate and criticized the policies of the Biden administration during a rally in downtown Green Bay, Wis.

Addressing a gathering of supporters, Trump accused President Joe Biden of betraying several demographics, including African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and union workers. Trump asserted, “I will fight for you like never before,” implying that Biden’s current policies would lead to a decline in union membership and negatively impact minority communities, Newsmax reported.

“The unions, they’re not going to be unions very long; they’re not going to be able to sustain it. But I think the worst hurt will be the African Americans. Then you’re going to have the Hispanic Americans; they’re going to be hurt tremendously by this invasion” at the U.S. southern border, he said.

“In my first term, we built the greatest economy in the history of the world,” Trump declared, referencing record tax cuts for nearly all Americans and U.S. corporations, deregulation, and rising wages. But, he warned of continued inflation under Biden, estimating it could reach much higher.

During the event, Trump was accompanied on stage by prominent Republicans, including U.S. Senate candidate Eric Hovde, who received Trump’s endorsement, which adds momentum to Hovde’s bid for the Senate seat, reported WBay-2.

The rally also spotlighted the impending race for Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District, which will be left vacant by GOP Rep. Mike Gallagher. Numerous Republican contenders competing for the seat were in attendance at the event, aiming to rally support from Trump’s base.

A CNN segment on Tuesday pointed out that Biden is behind Trump in six of seven swing states—Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia—while Biden leads by three points in Wisconsin.

What’s more, Trump is leading Biden on issues that are also the biggest concerns for voters this cycle.

“Look at the why: what is going on?  Alright, trusted more, again, this is across all of these key seven swing states,” CNN political analyst Harry Enten said.


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