Trump Attorney Habba Slams 'Fake News Media' For Lopsided Coverage of Indictments

Trump Attorney Habba Slams 'Fake News Media' For Lopsided Coverage of Indictments

Attorney and spokeswoman Alina Habba blasted the indictments against her boss, former President Donald Trump, before turning her ire on “the fake news media” for exacerbating and inflating them.

“Russia hoax, impeachment hoax, I mean keep going, keep going, keep going,” Habba told Newsmax TV on Wednesday.

She continued: “What I think is the most frightening is not just the fake news media but that the fake news media, I think, is starting to permeate our court systems and our justice systems, and that’s what scares me,” she said. “If you’re on the right, you tend to watch right-wing shows that confirm your beliefs; if you’re on the left, you tend to watch things like MSDNC and CNN, and that confirms your beliefs on the opposite side.

“So the real question is, how do we start to open our eyes to the truth? And I think if we don’t have people out there giving the truth, and I know I, for one, and I know you both do this, we try and really be intelligent about what we say and not just say what people want to hear,” the attorney continued.

“I for sure don’t do that, but if people don’t start doing that and stop being afraid of being targeted for being honest Americans, we’re going to have a real problem,” she added.

“I think the [former] president [Trump] has a good point. You know we have a real tragedy happening in the television sector because people don’t trust what they’re watching. So, we can fix it, and I take it seriously. I know you guys do, but unfortunately, that’s not the way the American people view it all the time,” she said.

She also said the proceedings regarding Trump’s arraignment in Fulton County, Ga., on Thursday will be “quick,” and he will be back “home safe” later in the day.

She then discussed the likely mugshot that would be taken of the former president during his booking.

“I frankly don’t understand the purpose of it,” she said. “Do I think he cares if he has one? No. … This is a really despicable moment, and for the president to take a mug shot when he is the most recognizable person on this planet [and] frankly is beyond me.

“It’s beyond me, and it’s frankly just theatrics and that is not what this is supposed to be. It’s a serious matter, and if [Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis] is gonna bring charges against a former president, she better be able to put her big girl pants on and deal with the repercussions and the fight that we’ll give in court,” she added.



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