Transgender Former Police Officer Arrested Over Allegations of Multiple Child Sexual Abuse

Transgender Former Police Officer Arrested Over Allegations of Multiple Child Sexual Abuse

Police arrested a biological male who identifies as a woman in Citrus County, Fla., last week, charging her with sexually abusing several children.

Diana Elizabeth Guevara, a 33-year-old former police officer from Inverness, Fla., was arrested and charged with transmitting harmful materials to minors as well as unlawful sexual activity with some of the minors, and lewd and lascivious behavior, according to a July 18 press release from the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office.

“Guevara manipulated the young victims in this case and then took advantage of them, ” Sheriff Mike Pendergast noted in the press release. “She was able to foster a relationship with one victim and identify her next victims through them, showing a pattern of predatory behavior.

“This conduct will not be tolerated in Citrus County, and the SVU detectives will work tirelessly to bring justice to these young victims,” Pendergast continued.

The Daily Wire adds:

On June 30, a parent contacted the CCSO to say they overheard their child, an unidentified minor, talking about another unidentified juvenile who had allegedly engaged in sexual activity with Guevara. The first child also told their parent that Guevara had sent them explicit photos and videos to them on social media.

Detective Tony Ricci investigated the case and found multiple minors who described sexual activity with Guevara at Guevara’s residence. Investigators also collected evidence of the accuser’s claims of sexual abuse and explicit images.

Guevara is currently being held at the Citrus County Jail on a $47,000 bond.

As The Daily Caller reported, while the CCSO and several news outlets identified Guevara as a woman, the outlet went on to reveal that ‘she’ was, in fact, born a biological male. Guevara also talked about her transition with the Miami Herald in 2017:

“Mom, when I was a baby, what would you have named me? If we could reverse all this and I was in your stomach again?”

She got her answer: Diana Elizabeth Guevara.

It was the final touch on her new, true self. For everything else, the 28-year-old went to Dr. Christopher Salgado at the University of Miami, the lead surgeon at the hospital’s new LGBTQ clinic.

Guevara used to identify as a male Miami-Dade police officer, until she injured herself and left the force. With time on her hands to think, Guevara realized what she’d known since she was a third-grader: She’s a woman.

“I knew I ticked differently, but I didn’t know how,” she said. “Then I figured it out. ‘Oh! I’m trans.’”

Guevara then underwent physical changes to appear as a woman. While the alleged minor sex abuse was taking place, she claimed that she was only 23 years old, instead of 33.


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