High School Boys Remove Tampon Dispenser In Bathroom, Stuff It In Toilet

High School Boys Remove Tampon Dispenser In Bathroom, Stuff It In Toilet

Last week, photographs surfaced showing a hilarious protest staged by male students at Lakeridge High School in Oregon against the state’s “Menstrual Dignity Act” or HB 3294 of 2021.

The legislation mandated the installation of female hygiene product dispensers in all bathrooms within public schools, including those designated for male students. According to photos posted online, some of the male students put the dispensary into a toilet.

Several social media users applauded the act and mocked the state’s Democrats who passed the measure.

Boys in the boys restroom at Lakeridge High School in Lake Oswego, OR are showing the school how they feel about having feminine hygiene dispensers in their space. Honestly, what did the @ORHouseDems and the school expect? This is a complete joke and a waste of education funds, which is on par for Oregon Democrats,” one user wrote.

The user added:

Here’s the message to parents: “In the last weeks, we have been combating vandalism in the boy’s bathrooms. Students have been taking the tampon dispensers down and placing them inside the toilets. We would like your help in stopping this form of vandalism.

LOSD provides menstrual products for students at no cost. These products are available in all K-12 bathrooms, as part of the Menstrual Dignity for Students Program. Oregon’s Menstrual Dignity Act – passed in 2021 as House Bill 3294 – requires schools to provide menstrual products in gender-neutral, male and female restrooms, making them available to more than 552,000 K-12 students, 85,000 community college students and 96,500 public university students statewide.”

“Me and my buddies would have the same thing back in the day in about 10 minutes,” another user added.
“If you are born a Genetic Male but can only compete successfully against Genetic Females, in my opinion, you should be grossly embarrassed and roundly shunned,” another user offered.

Notes an op-ed at The Western Journal: “The thing that the left fails to grasp is that almost no one is on board with these insane laws. Students do not want to be forced to share bathrooms with someone of the opposite sex, and parents do not want their children being put in danger by these laws.

“This is why so many people are speaking out against these laws. The left is clearly going way too far with these laws legislating transgenderism, and now conservatives are gaining traction on the issue. This gets into the wider fact that the American people do not accept the left’s woke agenda,” it added.


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