Top 10 Captions to Biden's Easter Bunny Staredown

Written by Charlie Kirk

Top 10 Captions to Biden's Easter Bunny Staredown

Written by Charlie Kirk

After a senseless two years of forgoing the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, Jill and Jill’s Husband hosted this year’s event on April 18, 2022.

There was candy, children, celebrities, and of course, President Biden, who seemed unsurprisingly confused the entire time. But do not fear! He had help!

Jill did Psaki a favor by whispering “wave, wave” to Biden as well as reminding him to “just stay” in an apparent effort to keep up the appearance that he’s actually running the country.

The event would not have been complete without the Easter Bunny of course, who graciously told Biden where to go before discussing Afghanistan with attendees. Angela Perez, a White House press aide, posted a photo of the bunny sitting at her desk this morning, but the identity of the person in the bunny suit has been discovered to be Meghan Hays, White House Director of “Message Planning.”

In what promises to be the most meme-worthy event of the Biden regime in at least a week (which is really saying something), a memorable photo was captured of President Biden and the bossy Easter bunny…

Earlier today, we posted that photo on my telegram channel and told everyone to caption it. I received hundreds of suggestions, so I figured it was time to compile my Top 10 list (at least of the appropriate ones), with a few honorable mentions…

10 – “I thought I nominated a black female” -Jeff L

9 – “Barack, is that you?” -Nancy S

8 – “I love it here at the nursing home, they take such good care of me and the entertainment is great.” – Leta W

7 – “Must resist…the sniff…” -Steve

6 – “They sent you to take over… I’m supposed to go take a nap.” -Barry T

5 – “I’ll rub your hairy legs if you rub mine.” -William W

4 – “Are you the white Supremacist, that’s in every speech I’ve ever given? And is that a ghost gun?” -Andrew C

3 – “Hey pal, you’re the greatest African-American ball player of all time. No joke!” -Olive T

2 – “What do you mean I’m President?” -Ashley H

And the winner goes to:

1 – “Those brown ones weren’t jelly beans!?” – Jack

Some honorable mentions go to:

“Jill, you look like a huge white bunny, I think I must have had one of Hunter’s special brownies.” -Walter W

“Look  Jill, it’s Harvey” -Susie B

“I bet my legs are hairier than yours” -Al C

“10 carrots for the big guy!” -Richard P

I’m glad we can have a good laugh about it. Join me on telegram here to see all of the captions you guys came up with!


This story was updated with the identity of the Bossy Bunny.


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