Tim Scott Unveils New Education, Technology Plan Aimed at Parents

Tim Scott Unveils New Education, Technology Plan Aimed at Parents

Republican presidential candidate and South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott has introduced a plan that he says will bolster the quality of education in the country as well as protect children.

The plan is designed to “defend America’s children, empower parents, and protect kids online,” he said in a Tuesday press release.

“Teachers’ unions, Big Tech, and Joe Biden are on a mission to make parents less important,” Scott said in the release, which was posted on his campaign website. “I have a bold agenda to support and empower parents — from the classroom to the locker room to the smartphone. We must empower parents and give them a choice, so that every child has a chance.”

The Daily Wire noted:

Scott, 57, announced his latest campaign talking point after finishing the first Republican Party presidential primary debate last week, where he received positive reactions, but also faced some criticism for failing to rise to the moment among a cadre of governors and former governors racing in the GOP primaries.

But as he returned to the campaign trail, the lawmaker plans to meet with parents, homeschool advocates, and voters amid a six-day, three-state blitz, beginning with his home state of South Carolina, which holds the first Southern primary in the GOP presidential nomination.

The “parent’s bill of rights,” outlined in a 12-point plan, comprises three primary components that are geared towards fostering a family-centric ethos, which has come under scrutiny in states led by Democrats and in left-leaning school districts that promote identity politics and radical gender theories to children, clashing with parents’ beliefs and religious freedoms.

Scott said he aimed to restore American childhood by letting “girls and boys be girls and boys, not guinea pigs” and “Save Title IX and women’s sports — if God made you a man, you play sports against other men.”

In addition, the junior South Carolina senator said he wants to enact a nationwide school choice option to “break the back” of the far-left, Democrat-owned teachers unions and “end the attacks on excellence by rejecting the false notions of ‘equity’ and the Left’s attacks on honors classes.”

Also, the plan includes policies that would rehabilitate the Department of Justice, which the GOP contender said has turned “a blind eye to far-Left threats and vandalism” against conservative organizations like crisis pregnancy centers.

“We have a lot of work to do to make sure that we have the Department of Justice restoring confidence and integrity — not just by not weaponizing itself against political enemies, but also protecting conservatives and conservative organizations by having lady justice return that blindfold to her eyes,” he told The Daily Wire’s Morning Wire podcast this week.


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