Tim Scott Destroys CNN Host Over His Backing Of Trump

Tim Scott Destroys CNN Host Over His Backing Of Trump

Former Republican presidential candidate Sen. Tim Scott shredded CNN host Dana Bash after she attempted to trip him on a series of questions.

During a Monday segment, the host played a clip of him saying that his 2024 presidential campaign would not be about victimhood and grievance, but when she asked the senator if former President Donald Trump represented victimhood and grievance, what she got was a vicious takedown of President Joe Bidens’s Department of Justice.

“Senator, you ran a very positive, very hopeful campaign. But victimhood and grievance that you were describing in your launch speech that we played some of right there, it sounds like Donald Trump. Did you change your mind?” the host asked.

“No, listen, I — we absolutely, positively, unequivocally need an America that’s not filled with victims,” Scott began.

“I’m actually talking about how Joe Biden has destroyed our economy and made victims out of people waiting for the government to show up. I’m talking about having a president who’s weaponizing the DOJ against political adversaries. We need Lady Justice wearing a blindfold. I want America, every single American in every corridor of this nation, to have confidence in their DOJ, not a Biden-led DOJ. I want every child growing up in poverty, like I did, to have access to quality education,” he said.

“Unfortunately, the Democrats have sold their souls to the teacher’s unions, trapping poor black kids in inner cities into failing schools and out of their best future. I want a nation where every child looks into the future and says, the American dream works for me,” the former Republican candidate said.

“I was that kid. And so when I think about bringing this country together, not under grievance, but over greatness, not being victims, but being victorious, I am talking about the future of this nation and politicians who get in the way of that,” he said.

“Today, that’s Joe Biden. And you don’t see any grievance in Donald Trump’s campaign for president?” the host said.

Well, here’s what I can tell you. And for a person who’s seen the DOJ weaponized against him, for a person who, before he was ever sworn into office, “The Washington Post” said they were going to make sure that he is a one-term president, when you look at the challenges he faced, there’s no doubt that he has been aggrieved,” the senator said.

“The question is, what are the American voters looking for? Here’s what they’re looking for. They’re looking for a president who represents their best future and not his. That president is not Joe Biden. It is Donald Trump,” he said.

“Yes. And we should say that some of what you just said, we don’t have evidence to back up. But what you did say on Friday, Senator, is that — when you endorsed Donald Trump, is that he will — quote – ‘restore law and order,’ which is some of what you’re talking about here this morning,” the host said.

“As president, he did try to overturn a legitimate election. He called January 6 rioters hostages and promised to pardon them. He is charged with keeping classified documents and obstructing attempts to get them back. And on the campaign now, he’s arguing that president should have total immunity, even if they — quote – ‘cross the line,’ How is that law and order?” he said.

“Well, he has a legal team that can answer the questions of the legal challenges that he faces,” Scott noted.


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