TikTok Trend 'Devious Licks' Glorifies Teenagers Vandalizing School Property

TikTok Trend 'Devious Licks' Glorifies Teenagers Vandalizing School Property

TikTok users are using the social media app to destroy and damage school properties across the country. Let’s see if big tech gives them the same courtesy as users who don’t do any physical damage, just promote conservativism.

A new trending challenge called “Devious Licks” encourages teens to steal and damage public property. The craze is spreading and districts from New Jersey to Connecticut has reported “thousands of dollars in damage while issuing warnings to students and parents” New York’s local CBS station reported.

The appeal has spread to teenagers across the country, capturing criminal activity such as stealing school supplies and trashing bathrooms. One boys bathroom had $400 in plumbing damage.

One father emphasized the responsibility parents have to take action and explain consequences to their children. “It’s not good, They need to shut this down. They need parents of the kids to come in and explain. This is a serious matter” he said.

“For every action there is a reaction, so if you do something that’s not cool, then something not cool is going to happen to you” said another parent. “The process starts with parents talking with their children.”

Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal demanded TikTok ban the users who have participated. Blumenthal was joined by school administrators at the state capitol Monday to make the plea.

“Theft and vandalism are glorified, literally The viral videos depict as heroes the students who are stealing” said Blumenthal. Thus far TikTok has at least shutdown the hashtag. “If you search the hashtag ‘Devious Licks,’ a message appears saying ‘no results found” reports CBS.

Blumenthal lamented that the trend has resulted in over 94,000 videos nationally over the past few months.


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