‘This is Some Kind of Crazy Evil’: Father of Boy with Leukemia Rips Ronald McDonald House Vaccine Mandate

‘This is Some Kind of Crazy Evil’: Father of Boy with Leukemia Rips Ronald McDonald House Vaccine Mandate

The mass psychosis operation employed by Western governments to scare their citizens into complying with every COVID-19 pandemic mandate no matter how cynical, authoritarian, or nonsensical continues to produce results that border on insanity.

One of the most recent examples of egregious, outrageous behavior appears to come from Ronald McDonald House BC, which is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, according to photos and video published online. In particular, the charity issued a COVID-19 vaccine mandate that children sick with cancer and other diseases, though it has become apparent the vaccines do not stop the spread of the virus and could even cause problems for an immunocompromised child.

A father, Austin Furgason, posted a video online explaining the outrageous mandate, holding up what appears to be a letter outlining the policy.

“So, this is a piece of paper, can we — let’s just zoom in on it,” Furgason notes. “This is an eviction notice, I believe, to anybody older than 5 who’s not vaccinated is going to get evicted from Ronald McDonald House. So I’ll just go talk to people at the town and see if it’s legitimate or not.

“Hey there. Do you have like a manager here or somebody we can talk to?” he asks a female staffer.

“And what is this about?” she responds.

“It’s about this letter we got saying that you have to be vaccinated,” the father said.

“Yeah, no problem,” the secretary responds. “Hey, [inaudible], they have a question for you.”

“Thanks. Well, I’m just asking if — we got this last night,” he continued.

“Yes,” she said.

“This is pretty disturbing and I’m just wondering if it’s legitimate,” Furgason said. “This is saying that everybody who’s not vaccinated is getting evicted?”

“Well, we have a grace period till which you can get your first dose,” she replied. “But essentially, as of January 17, it’s a board mandate from our board.”

“I just want to get this straight. So by the end of the month, my 4-year-old boy with leukemia is going to get evicted because we don’t have a vaccine?” the father asked.

“The parents,” she said.

“If he was six months older, he would need it,” he noted. “But yes, because we don’t have the vaccine, you’re going to throw us on the snow with a few weeks’ notice. Like, this is some kind of crazy evil I have never seen in my life.”

“It doesn’t matter if you’re vaccinated or not,” he said. “Everybody knows you still have to wear the mask because you can go out and get Covid, transmit it, bring it back in. That’s why vaccinated people wear masks. So it doesn’t even matter if you’re vaccinated or not. Like, the idea to make people safer, this isn’t about safety. This is coercing people to get a vaccine, choosing between their children and their own beliefs, whether it’s religious beliefs or they’re hesitant to get the vaccine. My kid has gotten all his vaccines. We’re not anti-vaxxers. This is absolutely an abomination.”

“So just let me get this clear, are both of you vaccinated?” she asked.

“No,” he said.

“Okay. So, what we’re doing is protecting the safety of everybody in the house,” she claimed.

“No, you’re not,” he correctly said. “Because a vaccinated person can still get it and transmit it.”

“That’s right,” she said. “And so what we’re trying to do is reduce the risks to the entire — “

“That doesn’t make any sense. Your conscience is seared. You understand? This is absolutely evil,” Furgason declared.

“So do you want me to — ” she started to say.

“You’re evicting kids with leukemia, kids who have stroke,” he added.

According to the notice from Ronald McDonald House BC posted online: “Beginning January 17, 2022, everyone five years and older who are working, staying or visiting our facilities (both the House at 4567 Heather St. Vancouver and at the Family Room in Surrey Memorial Hospital) must show proof of full vaccination (two doses), in addition to completing our existing screening, unless an Accommodation has been sought and has been explicitly approved and granted by RMHC (Ronald McDonald House Charities) in writing.”

RMH by Kyle Becker

Furgason then described what he felt regarding the order.

“No matter what people’s beliefs are, everyone donates to this place because everyone wants to save dying kids,” he said. “If there was anything left to unite our country, this would have been it. And still, they find a way to segregate us and divide us even more.”

“I’m broken inside for our country just how fast this has accelerated.”

His son, Jack, is being treated for leukemia.

Jack is four. Fortunately, he is responding well to his treatment.


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