'They Want Me In Prison' - Trump Issues Dire Warning To Supporters

'They Want Me In Prison' - Trump Issues Dire Warning To Supporters

Former President Donald Trump sounded the alarm over one of the criminal cases pending against him that is set to begin next week.

The warning comes after a New York appeals court judge delivered an 11th-hour ruling on Tuesday and rejected his request to delay his April 15 hush-money trial in Manhattan while he fights to move the case out of that venue.

After the ruling, Trump’s campaign fired off a fundraising email to supporters and warned that “they want me in prison.”

“ONE WEEK UNTIL ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE! My SHAM trial in New York begins. THEY WANT ME IN PRISON,” he wrote in a fundraising message.

According to Trump’s attorney, Emil Bove, the presumed Republican nominee faces significant prejudice as a defendant in Manhattan, which predominantly leans Democratic. Bove argued that jury selection, set to begin on Monday, could not proceed fairly, citing defense surveys and a media coverage analysis.

The only New York City borough that Trump won in 2016 and 2020, Staten Island, is where he has suggested moving the trial to social media.

Steven Wu, the appellate chief of the Manhattan district attorney’s office, highlighted that trial Judge Juan M. Merchan had previously rejected Trump’s requests to postpone or reschedule the trial, deeming them premature.

“The question in this case is not whether a random poll of New Yorkers from whatever neighborhood are able to be impartial. It’s about whether a trial court is able to select a jury of 12 impartial jurors,” Wu said. He blamed Trump for stoking pretrial publicity with “countless media appearances talking about the facts of this case, the witnesses, and so on.”

In another appeal, Trump’s legal team is challenging a gag order imposed on him during the case. Merchan recently expanded the order to prohibit Trump from discussing the judge’s family. The appeals court indicated it would address this matter at a later date.


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