Therapist Says Parents Should Get Their Child's 'Consent' Before Hugging Them

Therapist Says Parents Should Get Their Child's 'Consent' Before Hugging Them

The left’s drive to change the role of children in Western societies continues and not always in healthy ways.

The latest head-shaking recommendation comes from 41-year-old Jessica MacNair in Virginia, who has spent the last 20 years as a ‘therapist.’ The mother of two has recently shared 10 parenting tips she practices in order to create a “safe” environment for kids.

In addition to never making remarks about body types (weight) and using food as a reward, she also says parents ought to be getting their kids’ permission before they give them hugs.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail, here are MacNair’s 10 recommendations:

1. Ask your children for consent if you want to give them a hug

2. Never discuss finance in front of them 

3. Don’t judge your children for their sexuality, gender or feelings  around sexuality

4. Don’t comment on your child’s body shape 

5. Teach them NOT to trust authority figures automatically, respect must be earned

6. Don’t use fear as a motivational tool 

7.  Don’t judge your children on their grades at school 

8. Don’t use food as a punishment or reward 

9. Don’t compare your children to each other or expect one child to act like their sibling.

10. Children can express any emotion they want big or small and do not judge them for how they choose to express themselves

“If you implement these from a young age, a child will feel safe and a lot of traumatic things can be avoided,” MacNair, who — of course — shares her thoughts on TikTok, told the Daily Mail.

“A lot of reason adults end up in therapy is because parents didn’t create this safe space for their child and the trust isn’t there,” she added.

“You shouldn’t talk about personal finances in front of them, never compare them to other kids, or use food as punishment or reward,” she continued. “You shouldn’t judge kids for their gender, sexuality, their feelings or how they express them, their grades at school, or use fear as a motivational tool.”

She also said that kids should “never be taught to trust authority figures,” because: “It’s about not blindly following authority. My generation were taught to do that, but Gen Z do a good job of pushing back. People should pay attention to what they’re hearing, and if it doesn’t sound right, don’t just trust the person.”

There are probably a lot of police officers wincing at that last bit of advice. Ditto for teachers who already have a ton of issues to deal with regarding kids today.

“Everyone doesn’t know everything. Your teacher might be doing the best they can but they may not know everything,” MacNair added.

As for getting permission to hug their child, she noted in a response on TikTok: “It can feel like an offensive rejection but I always remember they don’t owe you anything, and they have to be able to advocate for themselves even if it’s not what you want.”

So — parents should not expect anything from their kids though parents are providing literally everything their kids need in order to survive until they are old enough to take care of themselves (which are behaviors also taught by parents). Got it.

In the meantime, maybe MacNair can explain studies showing how kids who never experience any emotion from parents are negatively affected later in life.


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