Theater in NYC Suddenly Cancels Play About Convicted Criminal Abortionist Kermit Gosnell

Theater in NYC Suddenly Cancels Play About Convicted Criminal Abortionist Kermit Gosnell

A theater in New York City canceled without warning a production about Dr. Kermit Gosnell, an abortionist who is serving life in prison for murdering babies.

The theater reportedly cited safety concerns for canceling the play, but the writer behind it said that the theater’s manager is just fearful of the story the production is attempting to tell.

The Daily Wire reported:

Playwright Phelim McAleer pointed out to The Daily Wire on Tuesday that Theatre Row has hosted a slew of other plays labeled inappropriate for children (including Hitler’s Tasters, My Mother’s Severed Head, and the production Satan and God) — and McAleer believes Theatre Row cancelled the show because it exposes the gruesome crimes of an abortionist.

“Theatre Row claims to support the arts and a diverse array of views, but it’s clear from their letter that they will not hesitate to silence artists who don’t fit their narrative,” McAleer told the outlet. “Their letter is a complete fraud and they should be ashamed of themselves. This is so-called elites trying to cover up the truth. They are afraid of facts and real art. They are sham artists.”

The production, “Oh Gosnell: The Truth About Abortion” is billed as “the most controversial Off Broadway play this year.” The script and screenplay are reportedly taken verbatim from Gosnell’s trial. He is serving multiple life sentences in Pennsylvania’s Huntington Correctional Institute after being convicted of murdering babies.

According to evidence introduced at his trial, he cut babies’ spinal cords with scissors at his abortion clinic in Philadelphia, which led to their deaths.

The Daily Wire adds:

McAleer and his wife, Anne McElhinney, who investigated Gosnell’s crimes for their best-selling book, have talked to Gosnell over the phone many times and even visited the convicted murderer in prison “where he veered from charming old uncle to really, really creepy,” McAleer told The Daily Wire.

The show is set to launch on the same night as J.J. Abrams’ and Ilana Glazer’s supposed abortion comedy, “Oh God: A Show About Abortion.” It will now be performed at The Chain Theatre instead, McAleer said.

The outlet said that in an April 21 letter to the Unreported Story Society, the legal representative for Building for the Arts NY, Inc. stated that McAleer’s group withheld “material information” from the theatre company in a way “constituting fraud.”

“Our nonprofit mission is public record,” the letter noted. “The Play’s content violates material terms of the executed agreement including, without limitation, the subject matter inappropriate for children and the resultant disrepute suffered by the Licensor.”

“The Theatre will not be able to exercise reason in granting many, if not all, of the approvals required,” the letter noted further. “This should have been obvious to the Licensee. Upon information and belief, there are numerous deficiencies, breaches and violations regarding good standing, insurance, and attendant rules, but this letter is not meant to set forth a comprehensive list of reasons. We are concerned for the safety of our staff and our neighbors.”

The letter further warns the Unreported Story Society that the theater has “informed security and local law enforcement that there is no property left in the building and no reason for your return to the premises.”

“Kindly do not contact any individuals at Theatre Row as you have been made aware that they have engaged litigation counsel,” the letter said. “Direct all questions or other communications to this office. Your deposit is being returned today.”

McAleer responded by telling The Daily Wire that the theater company is simply “afraid,” also noting that the claims have “no basis in reality.” He also said that the letter was “the best piece of fiction they have ever produced.”

“Our play uses fact, evidence, and testimony, and humanizes babies,” he added, noting that “J.J. Abrams, Ilana Glazer and their pro-abortion cronies like to joke about destroying babies.”

“These are two different views of the world. Shouldn’t the public hear both?”


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