The Left and Their Lists

Senators who haven't congratulated Biden are now on CNN's blacklist

The Left and Their Lists

Senators who haven't congratulated Biden are now on CNN's blacklist

If you are a GOP senator and have not congratulated Joe Biden on a victory, that can not be declared yet, you are now on a list made by the propaganda machine known as CNN. The station broadcast the names of the senators, all republicans to make them look bad. Don’t think the senators have much to worry about since they have very low ratings and have been spewing false narratives for the entire Trump Presidency.

The Post Millennial Reports:

“Dear CNN, Can you add me to your list of people who haven’t congratulated Joe Biden yet? I won’t be doing it tomorrow either. And next week looks like sh*t too. Thanks, Dan,” wrote conservative radio host Dan Bongino.

CNN is not the only organization to start making list of those unpalatable GOP politicians who supported President Donald Trump, and still do.

This comes after New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called for a blacklist of “Trump sycophants,” to which the Trump Accountability Project responded that it has been actively archiving the names of individuals who “elected, served, funded, supported, and represented” the president, recorded in an extensive Google Sheets document.

Following Ocasio-Cortez’s rallying cry, CNN’s own Jake Tapper piled on with a warning that Trump aides battling the president’s legal case could see their job opportunities vanish.

On Tuesday, the Lincoln Project doxxed two Trump lawyers and vowed to dox their clients too, to pressure, intimidate, and punish the attorneys. The Never Trump group posted the names and contact information for the two attorneys who are assisting with the president’s legal battles to ensure that every legal vote in Pennsylvania is counted. “Make them famous,” Project Lincoln’s account on Twitter wrote along with a skull and crossbones emoji.

The left says they want unity when everyone knows they just want power and control and will do whatever it takes to get it, including rigging an election.

Elections Officials in Michigan and Wisconsin Refuse To Explain Sudden Biden Vote Influx

Early Wednesday morning, Joe Biden saw a sudden and dramatic vote increase in Michigan and Wisconsin, leaving the rest of the country with questions as to why and the election officials that are in charge refusing to answer.

Daily Caller reports:

Michigan and Wisconsin state officials warned against misinformation being shared online, but wouldn’t comment on specific vote tranches that appeared to show former Vice President Joe Biden suddenly receiving more votes than President Donald Trump. The two battleground states remained tightly contested as of Wednesday afternoon, according to The New York Times.

Voter tallies from both states spiked at around 6 a.m. in favor of Biden, according to graphs of live tallies posted by FiveThirtyEight. Trump tweeted multiple times Wednesday morning claiming that officials are finding votes for Biden “all over the place.”

“I would ask everyone to not repeat misinformation,” Michigan Sec. of State Jocelyn Benson told reporters at a Wednesday press conference when asked about the tallies that appeared to overwhelmingly favor Biden.

Michigan Department of State spokesperson Aneta Kiersnowski told The Daily Caller News Foundation, “We cannot speculate as to why the results lean one way or another. Pairs of election workers, one from each major political party, work together to tabulate ballots to ensure fairness. We remain committed to counting every valid vote so that the results out of Michigan accurately reflect the will of the people.”

The Wisconsin Election Commission tweeted a statement Wednesday saying that the state’s election counting “has gone according to law.”

With so much distrust in the mainstream media and Democrat’s openly saying to do whatever it takes to win, how can the American people begin to rely on the results they are hearing.


Election Interference: Google Manager Says Tech Giant Skews Search Results Against Trump

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas is at it again, this time revealing the election interference of tech giant, Google.

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas is at it again, this time revealing the election interference of tech giant, Google.

In the undercover video, Google’s Cloud Technical Program Manager Ritesh Lakhar said the company purposefully feeds negative content for search results for Donald Trump while generating overwhelmingly positive content for Joe Biden. He also sheds light on the grim atmosphere at Google headquarters after the 2016 election of President Trump.

The manager said the results are “skewed by the owners and drivers of the algorithm”

On Twitter yesterday, O’Keefe raised an important question, writing, “With 14 days left, can
@Google be trusted not to attempt to swing an election?”


In the video, Lakhar said, “Like so, if I say, ‘Hey Google, here’s another two billion dollars, feed this data set of whenever Joe Biden is searched, you’ll get these results.’”

He also said “If Trump wins, there will be riots. And if the left wins, they will be ecstatic.”

Lakhar seemingly disagrees with Google’s decision to interfere in the election, telling the Project Veritas journalist, “I disagree with the corporations playing God and taking away the freedom of speech on both sides, basically.”

Lakhar continues, “So, I’m like, you’re like playing selective God. Like, if it was fraud it doesn’t matter, but for Trump or Melania Trump, it matters. And on the other side, Trump says something, misinformation, you’re gonna delete that because it’s illegal under whatever pretext. And if a Democratic leader says that, then you’re gonna leave it like that. So I’m like, okay, you’re not following one way or the other. You are just plain and simple trying to play God.”

The Google manager said that employees were distraught after President Trump won the 2016 election: “When Trump won the first time, people were crying in the corridors of Google. There were protests, there were marches. There were like I guess, group therapy sessions for employees, organized by HR.”

Watch the full video HERE.

H/t: The Post Millennial


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