The Biden Baby Formula Shortage Is Actually Getting Worse

The Biden Baby Formula Shortage Is Actually Getting Worse

Joe Biden’s presidency has consisted of one disaster after another, including a historic shortage of baby formula, of all things.

But rather than effectively address the problem, Biden and his handlers are behaving as though they are ‘on top of the situation’ and ‘handling it’ while actually doing nothing at all.

You may recall in recent weeks that the regime launched “Operation Fly Formula,” an initiative to have formula flown to the U.S. from Europe in a sort of modern-day reversal of the post-World War II Marshall Plan. But like Biden’s paltry releases of oil from the nation’s strategic reserve in a grossly ineffective effort to lower gas prices, Operation Fly Formula has done nothing to alleviate ongoing shortages of baby formula. Quite the opposite, in fact.

According to CNN, there has been no progress at all in restocking store shelves with the increasingly rare commodity, and in fact, things appear to be getting worse.

“Although White House officials committed to bring in enough formula for approximately 40 million 8 ounce bottles, the stock rates for formula kept sinking, per data from Information Resources Incorporated (IRI),” Breitbart News reported, citing the outlet.

The cable news outlet also noted:

More than 21% of formula products — powder, ready-to-drink and liquid — were out of stock during the week ending June 19, compared with a typical rate of 10% before a nationwide infant formula recall by Abbott Nutrition happened in February.

Stock rates for powder formula, specifically, are even worse. More than 27% of powder formula products were out of stock during the week ending June 19, up from 25% the prior week and 23% the week before that, IRI data shows.

“Our goal remains ramping up supply and moving it to retail shelves and warehouses as quickly as possible,” Kevin Munoz, a White House spokesperson told CNN, citing “Operation Fly Formula” efforts along with ramp-ups by the Defense Protection Act and increased flexibilities from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

That said, CNN reported that the deliveries stemming from the operation aren’t even enough to last for more than a few days’ worth of typical sales.

“This is like a boom and bust cycle,” Ganeshan said.

“Right now, we don’t have much and then we do all these things (like scaling up production at US plants and bringing in more imports through Operation Fly Formula). By the end of August, September, shelves are going to be full again. I think that’s when this is going to finally relieve itself,” Ganeshan added.

Republicans have ripped the administration as being responsible for the shortage.

In an interview with Fox News’ Harris Faulkner, last month, Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas said the current shortage was entirely preventable and should have been.

“The formula shortage is rank, reprehensible incompetence by the Biden Administration. They should have taken these steps months ago. The steps they are taking now won’t have a major effect for months to come,” he said.

“The FDA should have gotten off its duff long ago and authorized that plant in Michigan to reopen. The FDA at root is one of the main reasons why we have this formula shortage,” Cotton, an Army infantry officer vet and Harvard-educated lawyer, continued.

“This is an artificial shortage here in America created by the Biden Administration’s incompetence,” he added.


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