Texas Audit Finds Over 11,000 Potential Non Citizens Registered to Vote, Other Problems

Texas Audit Finds Over 11,000 Potential Non Citizens Registered to Vote, Other Problems

The louder and more often Democrats screech that there is no such thing as “voter fraud” and, more specifically, that there wasn’t enough during the 2020 election cycle to change results, the more fraud is found when serious people actually take a look at the issue.

The Epoch Times reported on Saturday that a new audit in Texas found that there were some 11,000 likely non-citizens who are registered to vote in the state as well as other issues and problems related to voter integrity.

The outlet noted:

Voting irregularities—including potentially thousands of votes cast by non-citizens and the dead—were reported during the first phase of the Texas Secretary of State’s forensic audit of the 2020 general election, but critics deemed it more of a risk-limiting audit at this point.

The Texas Secretary of State’s office released its findings on Dec. 31, but the issues found are not enough to significantly impact 2020 election results of the four counties involved in the audit—Collin, Dallas, Harris, and Tarrant counties—which account for about 10 million people, or a third of the Texas population.

“Generally speaking, nothing was found on such a large scale that could have altered any election,” said Sam Taylor, assistant secretary of state for communications, in an interview with The Epoch Times.

The findings include:

— “Statewide, a total of 11,737 potential non-U.S. citizens were identified as being registered to vote. Of these, 327 records were identified in Collin County, 1,385 in Dallas County, 3,063 in Harris County, and 708 in Tarrant County. So far, Dallas County has canceled 1,193 of these records, with Tarrant County canceling one. Neither Collin nor Harris have canceled any potential non-voting records.”

— “Since November 2020, 224,585 deceased voters have been removed from the voter rolls in Texas. Collin County removed 4,889 deceased voters, Dallas County removed 14,926 deceased voters, Harris County removed 23,914 deceased voters, and Tarrant County removed 13,955 deceased voters.”

— “Statewide, a total of 67 potential votes cast in the name of deceased people are under investigation. Of those, three were cast in Collin County, nine in Dallas County, four in Harris County, and one in Tarrant County.”

— “In a review of each county’s partial manual count report required under Texas law, three of the four counties reported discrepancies between ballots counted electronically versus those counted by hand. The reported reasons for these discrepancies will be investigated and verified during Phase 2 of the audit.”

“We know that fraud has been taking place in Texas,” state Rep. Steve Toth, (R) Woodlands, told the outlet. “We need a forensic audit.”

Audits in other states since the last election cycle have turned up similarly disturbing results.

Meanwhile, Republicans on the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections this week demanded to know more about voter rolls and who had access to them given the number of partisan organizations involved with the last election, Conservative Brief reported Saturday.

A letter from committee chair state Rep. Janel Brandtjen and five other members to the administrator of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, Meagan Wolfe, sought eight separate pieces of data or information.

“We are concerned that Wisconsin’s voter rolls and voting system remain secure, protected and accurate. In fulfillment of this committee’s oversight obligations and responsibilities under state law, you are ordered to provide us with the following answers and information on or before December 31, 2021,” said the letter.

“Please confirm that all of the voter identification data (Voter Identification Database) contained within, used or accessed by the Wisconsin statewide voter roll system administered by your agency(Statewide System) is hosted, stored or otherwise resides on a server or servers owned and operated by the Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA). If the Voter Identification Database is hosted elsewhere, please provide the identity of the host and any and all written or oral agreements between WEC and such host,” the GOP lawmakers wrote.

Trump lost all of the battleground states that he won in 2016 during the last election cycle. Oddly, these were the same states where voting laws and rules were changed in the weeks ahead of the 2020 election, but not by state legislatures, as required by the Constitution, by Democratic state officials and courts responding to Democrat-led lawsuits, all under the guise of staying ‘safe’ from COVID-19.


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