Soros-Backed Candidate Emerges Victorious in Pittsburgh DA Democratic Primary

Soros-Backed Candidate Emerges Victorious in Pittsburgh DA Democratic Primary

Left-wing candidate Matt Dugan, supported by globalist financier George Soros, secured victory in the Democratic primary for Pittsburgh district attorney, with 56% of the vote, meaning another soft-on-crime DA could soon wreak havoc on an American city.

Dugan defeated Stephen Zappala, a 26-year incumbent in the position. Zappala, however, announced plans to run as a Republican in the November election.

Addressing his supporters, Zappala expressed disappointment at the primary results but vowed to make a strong comeback in the upcoming race. He stated, “If we stick around to the November race, we are going to kick some [expletive] and take some names.”

Dugan’s campaign significantly benefited from the financial support of George Soros. The billionaire contributed nearly $760,000 to the Pennsylvania Justice and Public Safety PAC on March 27.

Reports indicate that Dugan’s campaign received at least $734,000 in in-kind contributions from the PAC, covering various services such as TV advertisements, research, and polling. Zappala, on the other hand, had significantly more financial resources behind his candidacy, except for Soros’ support.

Critics of Dugan’s campaign argue that his close association with a dark money group funded by Soros raises concerns about outside influence.

Mike Mikus, spokesperson for Zappala’s campaign, expressed these concerns in a tweet, stating that Dugan allowing an out-of-town group to control his campaign suggests that they would also control his office if he were elected.

Dugan’s victory in the primary highlights the influence of financial support from high-profile donors like George Soros and the potential impact it can have on local elections.

The upcoming November election will determine whether Dugan can maintain his momentum and secure the district attorney position in Pittsburgh.


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