Sign of the Times: Social Media User Posts Notice from IHOP Restaurant Lamenting Labor Shortages Created by Dems' 'Free' Money

Sign of the Times: Social Media User Posts Notice from IHOP Restaurant Lamenting Labor Shortages Created by Dems' 'Free' Money

A sign posted near the entrance to an IHOP restaurant in Arkansas ripped President Biden’s and Democrats’ outsized COVID-19 unemployment benefits because “nobody wants to work anymore,” which actually was the objective all along since Democrats are the party of socialism and socialists strive for citizen dependency because it makes them easier to control.

“Due to the fact that Biden gave out way too much free money and nobody wants to work anymore. We are forced to reduce our hours during this week,” the sign said, adding that from Monday to Friday the restaurant will is open from 7 am to 5 pm and on weekends, it’s open from 7 am to 10 pm.

A photo of the sign was subsequently posted to social media and drew a lot more attention after a customer shared their anger over the restaurant’s reduced hours.

“Hey @IHOP, my family and I genuinely enjoy going to your restaurants. But if this is corporate policy, I guess we won’t be visiting anymore. I know we’re just one small family, and we don’t matter,  but we can’t eat at a place that condones this,” user @ThatOtherDude12 tweeted.

Needless to say, the tweet — and the sentiment, that somehow this is IHOP’s fault — drew pushback online as well.

“Don’t blame IHOP. They’re not the ones who’ve printed over $3 trillion this year,” user AdamInHTown wrote.

“Don’t be mad because the manager is [biased]. It’s true what he said about Biden,” added McKayla J.

“Cry more communist,” Human Events editor Jack Posobiec noted.

Meaw adds:

This comes as data compiled by the Department of Labor noted that only 210,000 employment positions were added by the employers in the month of November. The figures were revealed before it was announced that the Omicron variant of coronavirus was found in the US. It has also been reported that the country has reclaimed 83 percent of the jobs lost due to the deadly virus.

Others, however, pushed back on the restaurant.

“This is unacceptable. IHOP won’t see me either. It’s a matter of principle. If a company disrespects the President then they don’t want my business,” said one.

Another one wrote, “It couldn’t be the $2.25 an hour that people don’t want to work for, could it? PS extra unemployment ended in June. It’s December now.”

“Good for you. If IHOP wants workers, they now have to be competitive with other employers. That means paying better wages and creating better working conditions. Or, they can just lie to their customers,” the third user observed.


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