Sen. Scott Pledges to Fire AG Garland, FBI's Wray and Finish Biden Probe As President

Sen. Scott Pledges to Fire AG Garland, FBI's Wray and Finish Biden Probe As President

Sen. Tim Scott made some noise this week with a series of promises should he win the presidency.

The South Carolina Republican made a number of promises during a town hall-style event hosted by Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Tuesday, where he was asked his thoughts about the Justice Department’s plea deal with first son Hunter Biden, which many critics say amounted to a minor slap on the wrist considering the offenses.

As part of his agreement with the Justice Department, Hunter Biden, who has been under federal investigation since 2018, will likely not face prison time. Instead, he will plead guilty to two tax misdemeanors and accept a probation arrangement for a felony gun possession charge.

The deal has drawn criticism from many Republicans who argue that it grants Hunter Biden leniency, especially when compared to the legal treatment of former President Donald Trump, who is considered a frontrunner for the GOP nomination thus far in next year’s presidential election.

“Sad to say, I don’t believe right now in America that we have equal justice under law or equal application of our laws,” Hannity noted in his opening question. “I worry if we don’t have equal justice.”

“We all know this, that the ‘Big Guy’ has some explaining to do, without any question,” Scott replied, a reference to President Joe Biden by an executive of Ukrainian energy company Burisma, where Hunter Biden served on the board of directors for several years despite having no industry experience.

“We cannot be the city on the hill if we are not first a nation of law and justice,” he added. “We cannot fulfill our destiny as America if we do not have the Lady of Justice wearing a blindfold.”

Scott went on to express gratitude towards Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) for their persistent efforts in keeping the investigation into the Biden family active.

Recently, Grassley and Comer urged the FBI to disclose a document outlining what they allege to be a “criminal scheme” involving Joe Biden during his tenure as vice president.

In response, an FBI official told the two lawmakers that the bureau would begin the “constitutionally mandated accommodation process” but did not actually provide them with the document or confirm whether it exists, saying that the “mere existence of such a document would establish little beyond the fact that a confidential human source provided information and the FBI recorded it.”

“If they can’t finish their investigation, President Tim Scott will finish it,” Scott told a cheering audience. “We are going to fire Joe Biden, and then we are going to fire [Attorney General] Merrick Garland and fire [FBI Director] Christoper Wray, and we are going to restore confidence and integrity in our Department of Justice.”

“It is unacceptable and un-American to weaponize the Department of Justice against your political opponents,” he added.


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