Return of 'Basement Biden?' President's Campaign Reveals Ad-Heavy Stratetgy To Keep Him Off Trail

Return of 'Basement Biden?' President's Campaign Reveals Ad-Heavy Stratetgy To Keep Him Off Trail

President Joe Biden is reportedly considering a return to the ‘basement’ campaign strategy employed in 2020 for the 2024 election, as per a report.

Axios noted that the Biden campaign has allocated “more than $50 million on TV and digital ads in swing states this year — and next to nothing on local organizers to begin reaching voters in person,” marking a significant departure from traditional campaign approaches.

“The ad-heavy strategy — with unprecedented spending by an incumbent this early — is a departure from Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, which invested millions assembling an army of organizers in swing states to contact voters up to 18 months before that election,” Axios noted further.

According to the report, Biden’s campaign team asserts that they are employing this strategy because a growing number of Americans are now online using phones and computers. They argue that it is equally crucial to connect with voters through digital platforms as it is to do so in person.

However, some, including both allies and critics of Biden, are likely to view the ad-centric strategy as an effort to spare Biden from the necessity of delivering campaign speeches in person, especially as concerns about his mental capacity become more apparent.

A video compilation put together by the Republican National Committee and shared on social media this week portrays a concerning image of a commander-in-chief grappling with deteriorating mental capacity. The montage features various clips of Biden mumbling and stumbling through sentences, occasionally forgetting his train of thought. In other instances, he appears confused and delivers rambling statements.

The perceived decline in Biden’s mental condition has emerged as a significant concern for voters, and earlier this fall, a physician asserted that she doubted the president could successfully pass a basic mental exam.

Dr. Carole Lieberman, a guest on shows like Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Phil, Fox News, and CNN, emphasized that voters should not solely concentrate on Biden’s age—currently 80, and potentially 82 on Inauguration Day if he secures another term next year.

She said that there is “talk about Biden being too old to run, which isn’t really the case.”

“It’s not about his being too old,” she said, according to The Western Journal. “There are people a lot older who have their marbles and are very intelligent and know history and are able to know how to put this country in a good direction.

“So it’s not age. … It’s about his competency,” Lieberman continued. “If he took the test that I was offering him — this mini-mental status test, or some other kind of test of competency — there’s no way he would pass.”


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